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Head Chef - Erion Karaj

In 1999 Erion moved from Albania to London, where he worked in several top French and Italian restaurants. In early 2007 he joined Gordon Ramsay at Boxwood Café, moving quickly up the ranks to Senior Sous Chef. He then worked at both Plane Food and the Savoy Grill before being appointed Head Chef at Bread Street Kitchen, which opened in September 2011.

General Manager - David Martin

After leaving school, David started working in hospitality working his way up through the ranks to become a General Manager at the age of 21. In 2006 David moved to London and worked at various pubs, restaurants and boutique hotels before joining Gordon Ramsay Holdings as General Manager of The Warrington pub in 2009. After this he took on the role of General Manager at The Narrow in Limehouse and has recently been appointed as General Manager at Bread Street Kitchen.

BAR MANAGER - paul graham

Paul first started his career in 2006 at an espresso and wine bar in Melbourne. Edinburgh born Paul has never looked back, and fast became a real contender within the industry. Back in Edinburgh, Paul was head bartender from 2007 for The Borough Hotel until he started running the recently voted 10th best bar in the world, Bramble Bar, in 2009. With some really impressive achievements under his belt, Paul hosted the cocktail bar for the royal wedding of Zara Phillips at Holyrood Palace and is a Grand Finalist in many cocktail competitions including 42Below Cocktail World Cup, the Cazadores Hunt UK, the Havana Club International Cocktail competition and won the Enotria Wine Cocktail Competition in 2012. Now Paul is bringing his skills and talent to the bar at Bread Street Kitchen.

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