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Above the kitchen, set on a mezzanine level that runs the length of the restaurant, you will find thousands and thousands of bottles of wines. From hidden gems to great classics, our wine selection is both approachable and seasonal, constantly focusing on pairing beautifully with the changes and selections of the menu throughout the year by Head Chef Erion Karaj.

The Bread Street Kitchen Sommeliers have assembled a wine list with over 150 wines to suit any occasion. From a working lunch to wedding receptions, they will make sure that there is a suitable match everyone's taste, with almost 40 wines available by the glass or carafe, from an easy Viognier through to an Austrian red spice bomb to a 1972 Colheita Port. May it be a glass of easy “nice and dry” white, or the most complex off-the-beaten-track-plot-selected wine from ‘who knows how to pronounce that’ sort of regions, there is a great choice for everyone.

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