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Dining Options at Maze

To ensure you have the perfect table for your experience and to help you find that, here are a few options.

The Main Restaurant

Up to 10 guests are able to sit in the main restaurant, dining à la carte on one table. Larger groups are welcome and can be arranged on an individual basis.

Private Dining Rooms

With five versatile private dining areas, maze is perfect for intimate weddings, breakfast meetings, special occasions and business entertainment.  Available for 6 to 60 guests with no room hire and up to 10 dining à la carte (in maze View only).

kitchen Table

In the heart of a world class kitchen, up to 6 guests can capture the heat and passion of the team at work whilst enjoying a menu created just for you.


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Table Reservations for up to 12 people

Group Reservations for 13 people or more

Kitchen Table for up to 6 people

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