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An innovative twist for sushi lovers. Discover an authentic Japanese experience at the maze sushi bar, which elegantly combines exquisite tradition with thrilling modern influences. Guests will be able to enjoy sushi and sashimi dishes as the chefs work in front of you at the counter itself.

Open every day from 12pm - 3pm and 6pm - 11pm.


Originally from Japan, lived in Paris until he was 18 years old. He more or less grew up in his mother’s Japanese restaurant Tagawa, located in central Paris.  Surrounded by classic French restaurants and with local resident Joel Robuchon a frequent guest, Gohei’s curiosity for the dynamic between Japanese and French cuisine was born. Intrigued by his heritage, Gohei decided to return to Japan at the age of 18 to learn about Japanese food, culture and the art of sushi.  He quickly found a position in Kappou Nakajima, a 1 Michelin starred restaurant where he remained for 5 years, learning the basics of Japanese cooking. His culinary techniques grew and Gohei learned about the detailed craftsmanship and knife skill of a Japanese kitchen, at this level.  

His career flourished in Japan where he remained for some years working as a sushi chef. The culmination of this journey through Europe over the following years brings him to a natural home in maze where his experience and cooking approach fits comfortably with the French Asian menu.  His sushi forms part of the menu as well as a stand alone offering at the bar.

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