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Wine at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Extraordinary food deserves, indeed demands, to be accompanied by the extraordinary in every other detail. The depth and scope of the wine list at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay reflects the time, effort and love it has taken to produce it.

Our sommelier team is led by the young and passionate Jan Konetzki. His meticulous selection has the restaurant’s cellar full to the brim with wines from Old World and New World countries, from what one might term ‘classics’ to new, even unexpected offerings.

Jan is always delighted to share his knowledge and enthusiasm. He is very sensitive to guests' needs and appreciates that every palate is both individual and different. The most important attribute in a wine for him is that of character. Jan’s aim is to push the boundaries without challenging a guest; he serves a blend of perfectly vinified classics and adventurous niche wines.

So whether it is a glass, bottle or flight of wines that you fancy with your menu, Jan and his team will be happy to help you choose the perfect wine to match any type of dish or occasion.

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