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About the collection
Artwork on display has been exclusively curated by London's leading urban art gallery A Space for Art The restaurant features artworks by established artists including Ian Turnock, Kym Haverson, Bruce Beasley and Fiona Robinson.

Ian Turnock (Image 1)
Ian crosses the ‘boundaries’ of art and design to create innovative and distinctive abstract sculpture, using digital drawing and making technology to transform the drawn line into a tangible object. His unconventional approach combines a graphic designers’ eye for bold line, form and pattern with a fine artists’ feel formaterials.

Kym Haverson (Image 2)
Kym creates violent deformed shapes and scenes of a mysterious quality that can be described as expressionistic
studies of light, colour, atmosphere and power.

Bruce Beasley (Image 3)
Bruce Beasley’s intersecting cuboid forms are reminiscent of natural crystalline structures, with sumptuous patinas adding to their organic essence. Today, Beasley is recognized as one of the most noteworthy and innovative sculptors on the American West Coast.