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Please note that due to the large volume of emails received, the Gordon Ramsay team is unable to respond to every email and request. Please check the frequently asked questions below to check if your query can be answered:


Q1. Is Gordon available to attend or speak at our event?

Gordon’s diary is very busy and often booked very far in advance. As much as he would like to, he is simply unable to attend all the events that he is invited to. Please send invitations to Please note that the Gordon Ramsay team cannot respond to all emails but your invite will be reviewed.

Q2. We are visiting one of the restaurants, is Gordon available to say hello?

We are delighted that you are dining with us and look forward to having you in a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. Gordon’s busy schedule means he could be anywhere in the world at any given time, filming or visiting one of the 31 restaurants in Gordon Ramsay Group. He is therefore unable to confirm individual appearances to meet guests. However, you may be lucky and catch him at a time he visiting the restaurant you are dining in. We wish you a wonderful dining experience either way.

Q3. Would Gordon like to become a patron of our charity or support our charitable cause by offering a donation or prize?

Gordon and Tana have their own foundation in partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital. The Gordon and Tana Foundation has a calendar of events each year, which raise vital funds to support the children’s hospital. All of Gordon and Tana’s charitable efforts are channelled through the foundation, Gordon is therefore unable to support other charities at this time.

Q4. Could Gordon please record a message for a special occasion?

Gordon is flattered by the number of requests from those who would like a message recorded for a special occasion or for a friend and family member. Gordon would love to record messages for all of his fans, but this is simply impossible. However, Gordon would still love to hear your news, so please do keep him updated by sending an email to

Q5. Can Gordon help me with a project or offer me some advice?

Gordon receives a high volume of requests and is therefore simply unable to respond to all of his fans to help with projects or offer personal advice. He wishes his fans the best of luck with any endeavours and challenges. Do keep him up-to-date by sending your news to

Q6. How do I get a new idea for a show to Gordon?

Gordon has his own production company with a dedicated development team, who have scheduled show activity for the foreseeable future. However, the team are always keen to hear new show ideas, so please do share them by sending an email to Please note, the Gordon Ramsay team cannot respond to all emails but your idea will be reviewed.

Q7. I know a restaurant and or hotel that needs Gordon’s help, could he visit?

Gordon has a team of people that that seek out and host auditions for restaurants and hotels in need of his help and these visits are scheduled very far in advance. Due to existing commitments, Gordon is unable to offer assistance outside the current agreed schedule. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Q8. Where are Gordon’s restaurants?

Please visit the Restaurants & Bars page for information on all of Gordon’s restaurants and locations. The Gordon Ramsay Group has 31 restaurant globally. You can also book tables online via the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants website.

Q9. How do I apply to work for Gordon Ramsay Group?

Please visit the Careers section of the website to see current vacancies.

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