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Experience a fusion of taste a style at Maze, a Gordon Ramsay Michelin star restaurant in central London. The award-winning menus combine French and Asian influences for a unique tasting experience. The bar serves up classic cocktails while sushi takes centre stage, with the freshest selection of sushi and sashimi created in front of you.

Chef's Master Classes

Chef's Master Classes

Learn how to cook maze signature dishes, with the hands-on guidance from Head Chef Alex Thiebaut.

Kitchen Table Dining at Gordon Ramsay's Maze

Kitchen Table Experience

Absorb the kitchen theatrics and action on the Kitchen Table. Seating up to six guests, an exclusive menu will be created by the chef on the day for guests to enjoy whilst gaining an intimate insight into the kitchen.

Sushi at Maze by Gordon Ramsay

Sushi at maze

An innovative twist to sushi and sashimi

Sunday 15 March

Sunday 15 March

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