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Amazonian Breakfast Hash from Scrambled on the Road

UNC07266 3
UNC07266 3

Cooking instructions

  1. Add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil to a hot cast iron pan and get it hot then add onions. After about 3 minutes add a knob of butter and season with chili powder, salt. and pepper. Cook until nice and light brown. Add peppers once it's at that color and continue to cook. After about 2-3 minutes add beans and mix 
  2. After onions have reach a medium brown color add Sweet Potatoes, Yams and Cassava and pat down equally in pan to cook. After about 2-3 minutes add two knobs of butter and toss the mixture to make sure that the starches get nice and browned
  3. In another pan add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of butter. Let the butter melt over high heat and then crack egg on a flat surface and then put egg in pan. Season with salt and chili powder. Add another knob of butter to eggs after 20 seconds and lower heat. 
  4. Add green onions to the hash. and mix. Evenly continue to pat down starches so that get nice and brown and crispy. 
  5. As eggs start to finish, tilt pan and baste with butter/oil mixture (but don't overcook!)
  6. Once potatoes are cooked to your liking, plate them. Trim fried egg and add on top and drizzle flavored butter mixture on side of plate!

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