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Bangers & Mash in 10 Minutes

Screen Shot 2020 05 24 at 12.24.24 AM
Screen Shot 2020 05 24 at 12.24.24 AM

Cooking instructions

  1. Preheat oven to 160 Degrees Celsius/325 Fahrenheit. Bring pot to a boil with enough water to cover potatoes. 
  2.  Add potatoes to pot once boiling and cook. 
  3. Heat pan to medium-high heat and cover pan with olive oil and add sausage. Take a cocktail stick and poke casing so it doesn't burst. Smash garlic and add to pan. Then add rosemary sprigs. Brown the sausages in pan then add 4 knobs of butter to pan. Once butter is melted, baste sausages. Add one more knob of butter and add to oven to cook. 
  4. Take another pan and turn to medium-high heat and add olive oil to cover pan. Once warm, add onions. Once onions have cooked for about a minute, add sugar then season with salt. Then add 4 knobs of butter. After butter melts and add balsamic (4 tablespoons or enough to cover onions) as well as worcestershire. Reduce mixture. Once reduced add stock and bring to a boil and reduce mixture. 
  5. Once the potatoes are cooked, drain them and then add them to pot over medium heat then mash. Taking the potatoes on and off the heat as you do. Once nicely mashed add a glug (2 tablespoons) of olive oil to the mixture and mix in. Then lower the heat and add smoked salt, mustard and chives. Mix thoroughly and plate. 
  6. As the onion mixture is reduced, add one knob of butter and melt and mix. Place sausages on top of potatoes and add onion mixture 

Watch the complete demo here!


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