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Gordon's Fish & Chips in 10 Minutes


Cooking instructions

  1. Get oil in pan medium-high heat for frying before assembling ingredients. Do not need a deep pan or pot, a large pan will do 
  2. In a bowl whisk together flour, baking soda, curry powder and beer. Then whisk egg whites till there are stiff peaks and fold into batter (if too heavy add some water)  
  3. Add teaspoon of curry powder to dredging flour for more seasoning (optional)
  4. Season fish with salt, then coat with flour. Knock off excess flour and put into batter mixture. Make sure fish is fully battered and ad to oil 
  5. Once fish is in, baste the fish with oil. Let first side cook until golden brown and flip. Basting fish with oil on other side. Take pan on and off oil so that the oil does not get too hot. Fish should be in oil 3-3 1/2 minutes. Once finished put on plate with paper towel and put in warm oven 
  6. Chop potato into square, then chop into tall skinny fries (the skinnier the fry the quicker they will cook). Then roll in paper towel to dry any excess moisture. Add new oil to pain then add potatoes to high heat. Once fries are browned, remove from oil on to paper towel and add salt. 
  7. Add all Tartar ingredients together and mix. Add salt to taste and hot sauce if you want heat. 
  8. Assemble together and enjoy!

Watch the full demo here


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