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Gordon's Southwestern Chicken Omelette from Scrambled with Steve-O

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rsz unc00591

Cooking instructions

  1. 1.To make the chili base, in a medium pan add oil and sauté chilies and scallions, finish with cilantro. Cook for 5 min to cook down peppers and season. Set aside
  2. Cut avocado, squeeze lime and season and set aside 
  3. Heat pan for eggs, In a bowl crack eggs and whisk. When the pan is heated add eggs and distribute evenly across the pan.
  4. Add chicken and spread with an even layer of crème fraîche and top with chili base. Use chili base as needed for the desired heat level.
  5. Top with avocado and sprinkle with cheese
  6. Fold omelette twice and turn onto plate. Add additional hot sauce as desired and serve

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