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Gordon's 10 Minute Stir Fry

Screen Shot 2020 04 13 at 10.12.50 AM
Screen Shot 2020 04 13 at 10.12.50 AM

Cooking instructions

  1. Heat non-stick pan or wok over high heat. Add 1/2 teaspoon of oil when hot. 
  2. Break up ground beef on plate and season with salt and pepper. Then add to pan, spaced apart.
  3. Chop. head of chile off and rub to get seeds out, then slice and add to pan 
  4. Using a microplane, take ginger and grate it over pan (about 1 teaspoon). Do the same with glove of garlic
  5. Once beef is browned, remove from pan and let sit 
  6. Add a teaspoon of oil to pan and add peppers. Lightly coat with 1/2 teaspoon more as they cook then add snow peas
  7. Chop ends of bok choy, slice and add to pepper pan. Roll leaves together to slice then add when ends have cooked (about 30 seconds) to pan. Add mushroom, soy sauce and fish sauce as well. Remove from heat to bowl when all veg is cooked through
  8. Add teaspoon of oil to pan. Once oil is hot, add whisked egg to pan and whisk to cook. Add some salt in followed by rice then spring onion. 
  9. Add all mixes to pan and thoroughly mix. Add soy and seasoning to taste then serve

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