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Gordon's Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Ramsay Around the World


Cooking instructions

  1. Slice cheese into "bricks" then slice down to fit bread 
  2. Slice bread and make sure it is not sliced too thin 
  3. Butter the outside parts of your slices and season with salt. Flip over and add cheese to both side of the bread and cut to fit (in the video Gordon uses romano with Pepperberry. Add a hint of pink peppercorn if you want the same effect on the romano). Then add a layer of kimchi to one side then fold over and push down. 
  4. Using a cast iron-pan, add a touch of olive oil and get pan hot over medium-high heat and add sandwich. After about 30-45 second push sandwich so it crisps and cheese melts. Flip after about 2 minutes, once slices are nice and crunchy. Keep flipping and pushing down until cheese is melted. 
  5. Once cheese appears melted take out of pan and serve! 


You Can Watch the Full Demo Here!


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