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Reindeer Omelette from Scrambled on the Road


Cooking instructions

  1. Over high heat add a knob of butter and sausage to a pan. Season with salt and cook. After about 1-2 minutes add mushrooms. Add another knob of butter and cook off until mushrooms are cooked off and sausage fully cooked. 
  2. If you have slow roasted tomatoes, add to plate and season. 
  3. Whisk eggs together in a bowl and add a few shavings of the Brunost to the mixture.
  4. In a non-stick pan, add a knob of butter and melt it then add egg mixture. Mix it until it begins to set, taking the eggs on and off the heat. Once it's 3/4 cooked, flatten and add sausage mixture. Layer with some cheese and finish cooking. Season with salt before folding. 
  5. Once cheese is melted and eggs cooked, fold and serve on plate. Salt on top and add more cheese on top as well if you love Brunost as much as Gordon does. 

Watch the full recipe here!


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